the prism company

"We've spent more than two decades on the outlet retail learning curve. Count on us to be your guide - we've been there." 


Professional credibility - In our 24-year company history, our creativity, disciplined practices and in house expertise have earned PRISM a reputation for quality, reliability, commitment and leadership in over 70 markets from the Pacific Northwest to the Eastern Seaboard.

Relationships - PRISM’S client RELATIONSHIPS and our retailer/tenant relationships  are mutually nurtured, valued and sustained. We have a 24-year track-record of providing best-in-class customer service and we’re looking forward to the next 24 years.

Integration – PRISM’s expertise assures our clients the benefits of a broad range of advisory services: from initial market analyses, planning and development for new outlet centers, through timely leasing, ground-breakings and grand openings. In house creativity, turn-key implementation and timely, accurate analysis of results fashion our many practices and tactics.

Strategic- We custom craft, high quality, creative marketing and leasing strategies targeting each new opportunity – be it launching a new outlet center from the ground-up, or re-positioning an existing center.

MARKETING IS OUR MANTRA! We help landlords team up with retailers by developing  synergetic marketing programs that move consumers to take action. PRISM embraces new technology and media to balance your marketing programs and tap into the multitude of evolving behaviors that shape and drive consumer engagement. We’ll help you identify, analyze and capitalize on your unique opportunities, creatively engage your shoppers with your message, measure the impact, and communicate the results to You:Our Firm’s Valued Client.

Celebrating 24 Years